Inspired by nature for a goddess like you.

She is Fire

Fire goddess - this piece was inspired by a poem I wrote. Fire has been a comfort and part of my life. The original work is ink line with prisma color pencils and water color. She is Fire. She has been by my side through this journey called life. She has fed me and wrapped me in her warmth. She has taught me to respect her power and love her passion. She is tender, she is fierce, she is Fire. At my darkest hour, my heart is cracking open in my chest. Sobbing beyond control, I wonder how I let it go so far. How could I have lost myself so completely? I thought I was stronger than that! Crumpled on the floor at her feet, I let go......... Sparks pop, she sways and flickers to music I cannot hear anymore. The gentle crackle and the warmth starts to spread through me. She gently pulls me in and I feel a calm wash over me that has been missing for a long time. Wrapped in her glow, she welcomes me back. Back to myself. She gently reminds me of who I used to be. There used to be passion. There used to be music. There used to be love. As I look into her depths, I realize she has been there all my life. She will be there when I stumble and fall. She will be there through it all. Now I dance with joy in my heart. I see her light. I feel her strength. I hear her music. She is Fire.... She is Me.
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