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Rugged Crescent Moon w/ faceted pyrite - Nora Catherine

Rugged Crescent Moon w/ faceted pyrite

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 Moody and rugged with a touch of sparkle. These hand crafted crescent moon earrings are a show stopper for the woman that wants to make a statement and adores the moon. Stunning highly faceted pyrite beads drip from the 3D crescent hoop like dew drops. Tiny moon and ear wires are sterling silver.

Metalwork is hand cut from a sheet of metal, hammered, shaped and soldered to just the right shape and texture. The flame provides some of the patina and each piece is an individual work of art. Additional jet black patina is added in just the right places for the finishing touch. After a bit of satin finishing around the edges to bring out the glow of the metal, they are ready for a clear coat.

Antique brass finish pins and chain pull these earrings together making them look like they are held on by tiny rivets


Jewelry comes in gift boxes with Nora Catherine art print. Image may vary.

I am happy to include a gift receipt and/or a full color post card with a hand written note on the back from you, giving this gift a personal touch especially if you would like me to direct ship to the recipient, saving you time, money and a trip to the post office.


Care instructions:
All copper and bronze have a tough, clear protective coating which helps to protect finishes and reduce, tarnishing corrosion and oxidation. To help preserve coating, avoid contact with hair products, lotions and perfumes. Store jewelry so that the metal doesn’t rub on other items or on itself to prevent scratches and chips in the clear coating.

To clean, wash copper and bronze in warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Polish sterling silver with a soft polishing cloth. When cleaning soft stones, (Pearls, opals and amber) be sure polish is safe to use on them.

away at the clear coat and react to the metal beneath.