Where it all began

Growing up, I was a fearless explorer with a curious mind. I ran, I played, I made fairy houses in the woods and "pottery" out of mud clay. I often came home very dirty. I went on treasure hunts in the woods behind my house looking for flowers and feathers from the wild peacocks that roamed there. There were lakes to swim and butterflies to chase. My love of nature never left me, and its profound impact on my life has influenced my work to this day. 

When I wasn't outside, you could find me reading, playing the piano and creating things with my hands. I started sewing at a very early age and taught myself pattern-making and construction by tearing apart vintage garments. There was no internet back then and I had limited access to courses and training. 

I have always learned through doing and am predominately self-taught. 

I am a cancer survivor, a warrior woman, an American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dancer, an artist and a mother of a special needs child. I have loved and I have lost. I am blessed with a strong spirit, a creative mind and amazing friends and family. 

As the ginkgo symbolizes, I have hope and I have experienced profound endurance. 

My wish is to share my voice with others who may need a little inspiration or strength in their lives.