About Us

Each day is like starting with a brand new canvas to fill with what makes your heart sing. An opportunity to live life to the fullest, create new memories and be the the most glorious version of who you are. How will you fill your canvas? What is it that steels your breath away and makes your heart rate quicken? Is it the vibrant color, how daring it is? Is it unique in a way that it resonates so deeply, you know instantly it was made just for you? Do you prefer a bit of raw, untamed power mixed in with your sassy sophisticated style?

Do you choose your outfits around your jewelry not the other way around??????

1000 time yes! That is me too!

Growing up, I was a fearless explorer with a curious mind. I lost myself in the world around me laying in the grass looking up through a lush canopy of leaves, daydreaming about all the things I read about in books. Running barefoot through fields, my free-spirit loved the feel of the wind in my hair or the fun of climbing trees.

As I got older, the passion and desires of my childhood turned into creative pursuits. I had to take all of that passion making things with my hands and experimenting with what little I had available to me. This was how I learned. Somewhere along the way, that creative, self taught, exploratory mindset turned to fashion. I tore apart vintage finds to figure out how they were made  so I could create clothing that fit my quirky independent style. This lead to a career in the apparel industry.  I stumbled upon the art of jewelry making one day while stitching beads on a jacket I was making, and a love affair was born. As I learned about the properties of natural stones, explored metal smithing and patinas, I found my voice, and Nora Catherine Jewelry was born.

My intense desire to experience life in a passionate, colorful and meaningful way along with my connection to nature is the heart of Nora Catherine jewelry. I love when one of my very personal creations resonates with, uplifts, inspires and excites woman like me.

Is that woman you?