Inspired by nature for a goddess like you.
Raven / Crow Moon Earrings - Nora Catherine

Raven / Crow Moon Earrings

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The raven is intelligent, quick to learn, crafty and inventive. Some feel the ravin is an omen of change in the future. Like me, the raven likes to collect shiny objects. 

The Native American raven is a powerful clan animal. 

The raven is associated with the Celtic goddess Morrigan, Lugh and Bran. 


Patina can vary slightly on each as this is a natural reaction to the flames.

  • Size: 3" x 2”
  • Patina can vary slightly on each as this is a natural reaction to the flames.
  • Ear wires and pins are sterling silver
  • Earring include rubber stoppers to keep earrings safely in place. 
  • This is a made to order item. Made to order items ship with in 3-5 business days and are made especially for you.
  • All copper and bronze have a tough, clear protective coating which helps to protect finishes and reduce, tarnishing corrosion and oxidation.



Jewelry comes in gift boxes with Nora Catherine art print. Image may vary.

I am happy to include a gift receipt and/or a full color post card with a hand written note on the back from you, giving this gift a personal touch especially if you would like me to direct ship to the recipient, saving you time, money and a trip to the post office.


Care instructions:

To help preserve coating, avoid contact with hair products, lotions and perfumes. Store jewelry so that the metal doesn’t rub on other items or on itself to prevent scratches and chips in the clear coating.

To clean, wash copper and bronze in warm water, mild soap and a soft cloth. Polish sterling silver with a soft polishing cloth. When cleaning soft stones, (Pearls, opals and amber) be sure polish is safe to use on them.