A sneak peek into a photo shoot

A sneak peek into a photo shoot

Have you ever wondered what goes into the making of a lifestyle or editorial image? What it took to get that amazing shot? Over the years I have done quite a few photo shoots and let me tell you, it is not all glamour and fun. Don't get me wrong. It can be glamorous, but there are bugs, sore muscles, long hours and amazing dedication to getting that perfect shot. I have met amazing people, been part of some fabulous shoots and gotten my work featured in print and video! 

 Here are just a few. 

Editorial photo shoot - inside look

Editorial fashion shoot that included quite a few of my statement pieces as well as a few pieces by other jewelry designers, pulled from local boutiques by the stylist. 

Fashion Video - Shelby Preist from Ivan Clow on Vimeo.



Model - Shelby Priest, Photography - Piper Rastello, Hair/Makeup - Ana Liza Witham, Wardrobe Stylist - Krista Roser, Gowns by - Johnathan Kayne

Endangered animal awareness campaign shoot

This shoot took place in a music studio in Music City (Nashville) and out in the woods at an abandoned barn. It was a long day, so much fun. 


At first, the models didn't want to hold the snake, but then they became good friends. There were bugs and humidity and wild animals out there! And that isn't even talking about the ones in the shoot. At one point I became a human curtain rod in the woods while holding up a blanket to create a makeshift changing room for the models. 


Statement Jewelry

This monkey was not a big fan of other females being around HER trainer. It took a little photography magic to make this shot happen. There was also a giant lizard, a scorpion (only one model was brave enough to hold it) and a tortoise, to name a few. 

Photographer - Toni Hayes , Model - Esseri Holmes, Jess Hughes and Sam Gutshall, Wardrobe - Johnathan Kayne , Jewelry - Nora Catherine Jewelry

Swimsuit photo shoot - Stones River


Right after this shot was taken, a couple of fishermen told us we may not want to hang our feet off those rocks... Water moccasins like to hang out there. Yikes! (We moved.) Great shot though! 

Swimwear by Doug Barry, Photography by Ruth Chapa, Jewelry by Nora Catherine Jewelry

 Tara Buck jewelry shoot - Portland OR

Big & Bold Earrings

Actress Tara Buck as seen on True Blood, Ray Donovan and Party of Five

I met Tara years ago through her husband, Chris Pierce. She graciously agreed to do a photo shoot with me when she and Chris were in Portland, OR, for a show he was doing. She was down for the shoot around town and then we enjoyed listening to Chris perform. 


Hair and makeup by Camillia, Photography by Peter Greene, Jewelry by Nora Catherine, Model/actress Tara Buck

Camillia, Tara and me


I look forward to working with amazingly talented artists who inspire and push me to grow. 

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